Kombucha 221 BC Difference - Kombucha BC 221
Here’s the Kombucha 221BC difference: We utilize traditional fermentation and add cold-pressed organic superfood juices to make some of the best kombucha available on the market.
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221 BC Difference

Fermentation Nation is taking over and replacing unhealthy beverages on the shelf. It’s easy to find a variety of cultured drinks with a wide range of flavor profiles. Here’s the 221B.C. difference:

221 BC Difference tradition


We use traditional fermentation methods to create naturally occurring live enzymes, probiotics, and organic acids. We believe that Nature is the BEST CHEMIST, which is why we show respect to the 2000 years old fermentation process of brewing kombucha and over 1000 year old process of culturing kefir water. No synthetic probiotics or unnatural additives are used to mess with the biochemistry of our brews.

221 BC Difference nutrition


On the top of potential benefits of traditionally fermented drinks themselves, we infuse our brews with MEDICINAL HERBS that survived the test of time and have been helping people for centuries, and the most nutritionally-dense foods known to humans – SUPERFOODS!!!

221 BC Difference taste


Our flavor combinations push beyond the ordinary to the therapeutically extraordinary. Like passion fruit and red clover, lavender and moringa, turmeric with orange or just OG ginger…and they all taste incredible, if we do say so ourselves!

221 BC Difference balanced stomach

Balanced Stomach

We do not pasteurize our product. When you work so hard to cultivate a happy environment for the naturally occurring gut-friendly probiotics and live enzymes, why would you wipe it all away?