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Biome 1.0

Welcome to The Clever BIOME!

Oh hey! Fancy meeting you here.

Are you as fascinated by our inner garden (also known as the gut microbiome) as I am? I’ve dedicated my life’s work to learning and spreading knowledge about the health benefits that come from reconnecting with the trillions of living microbes around us.

And I have so much to share. Here you’ll find information from the Human Microbiome Project that was initiated by the US National Institute of Health. I’ve also got a fantastic collection of simple and nutritionally-dense recipes that support the growth and diversity of your inner microcosm as well as tons of “clean lifestyle” hacks that will also positively affect your BIOME.

With each post, I can guarantee you that I’ll be sipping on the elixir of life—kombucha. It’s a fermented and functional tea that aids in the balancing act of gut health. Kombucha is my passion project. I am the founder and proud brewer of Kombucha 221BC from sunny Sarasota, Florida.

My name is Aneta. Pour yourself a glass of your favorite ferment and let’s share the knowledge!

If you suffer from fizzy, dull, dry hair that tangles easily, split ends and breakage then this article is for you! Scroll down to learn more on how Fermented Rice Water can change the health and appearance of your hair. We are all very familiar......

Most granolas in the supermarket are full of added sugar and oils that don’t contribute to our gut health! If you are serious about rebalancing your gut microbiome; then skipping the store-bought, over-processed, full of fillers and unnecessary ingredient cereals might be very beneficial. Homemade granola can be a healthy,......

Bacteria get a bad rap, especially when we think about it in terms of our skin. It’s time to reframe our thinking, though, and recognize that these microorganisms make up a vital part of our total body health, both inside and out. In this blog......

I have been plant-based for nearly 11 years. If I had to choose one dish that I missed the most from my pre-vegan life I would have to say it was a Caesar salad. The crisp crunch of romaine, with the creamy dressing and generous......

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