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Biome 1.0

Welcome to The Clever BIOME!

Oh hey! Fancy meeting you here.

Are you as fascinated by our inner garden (also known as the gut microbiome) as I am? I’ve dedicated my life’s work to learning and spreading knowledge about the health benefits that come from reconnecting with the trillions of living microbes around us.

And I have so much to share. Here you’ll find information from the Human Microbiome Project that was initiated by the US National Institute of Health. I’ve also got a fantastic collection of simple and nutritionally-dense recipes that support the growth and diversity of your inner microcosm as well as tons of “clean lifestyle” hacks that will also positively affect your BIOME.

With each post, I can guarantee you that I’ll be sipping on the elixir of life—kombucha. It’s a fermented and functional tea that aids in the balancing act of gut health. Kombucha is my passion project. I am the founder and proud brewer of Kombucha 221BC from sunny Sarasota, Florida.

My name is Aneta. Pour yourself a glass of your favorite ferment and let’s share the knowledge!

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