221 BC Kombucha Origins - Kombucha BC 221
I'm Aneta and I am a FERMENTARIAN behind Kombucha 221 B.C. Kombucha fermentation and the lives of the microbes are my passion…some may even say ‘obsession’.
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221 bc kombucha origins

The Origin of Kombucha 221 BC

Hi, I am Aneta and I am a FERMENTARIAN™. Fluent in the language of good bacteria, I feel a natural connection to and understanding of the complex world of microbes.

Growing up in Poland, fermenting foods was a regular part of our lives. Every fall we harvested food from gardens; some of that food was stored in underground cellars while the rest were processed into jars. In my youth, I didn’t understand why we did those things. It was just how we lived and ate. Our food was our medicine.

Twenty years later, fermentation and the lives of the microbes are my passion… some may even say ‘obsession’. I have a tremendous respect for nature and her systems of supporting life on this planet and I want to share it with as many others as possible so that they can learn the beauty of living with microbes in perfect symbiosis.

Join me and Team 221B.C. on our mission to educate and inspire our community to fuel their bodies with the best REAL foods available. Together we THRIVE!

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