221 BC Kombucha Origins - Kombucha BC 221
I'm Aneta and I am a FERMENTARIAN behind Kombucha 221 B.C. Kombucha fermentation and the lives of the microbes are my passion…some may even say ‘obsession’.
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The Origin of Kombucha 221 BC

Hello! My name is Aneta and I am a FERMENTARIAN™. Fluent in the language of good bacteria and flavor combinations, I feel a natural connection to the unseen world of beneficial microorganisms and to the complex sphere of medicinal plants. I have a tremendous respect for Nature and her systems of supporting life on this planet.

Growing up in Poland, I witnessed how traditionally fermented foods and medicinal herbs transformed the wellbeing of our community. In my childhood, I would accompany my grandmother to gather dandelion, sage, mint, rosehip, and milk thistle in the field. She taught me how to preserve the plants for medicinal teas and elixirs that later assisted in treating conditions like indigestion, anxiety, and even insomnia. In autumn, we harvested food from our gardens which was stored in cellars or preserved them in jars using natural fermentation methods.

While I may not have fully understood why we did those things, I came to view real food as medicine and developed a strong appreciation for its power. Twenty years later, I am on a mission to reintroduce the forgotten herbal knowledge and fermented foods back into everyday life… for everyone! I want to bridge the innovations we have made in wellness with the simplicity of what nature has already given us.

Join me and Team 221B.C. on our mission to educate and inspire our community to fuel their bodies with the best REAL foods available. Together we THRIVE!