Lavender Limeade Kefir Water - Kombucha BC 221
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Lavender Limeade Kefir Water

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Case of 12 16oz bottles

Open the bottle and take a deep breath in, noticing the soothing effects that the smell of lavender has on your body. Pause in that moment. Then sip generously to enjoy the balanced and floral flavor, with lavender on the front and the delightful surprise of lemon on the finish.


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Lavender: Widely known for its beautiful look and calming scent, lavender is also powerful medicinal herb that has been used in the Mediterranean for over 2,500 years. Commonly associated with relaxation and sleep, lavender may also serve as a pain reducer and digestive aid. More is being explored into its potential to help with depression.

Lemon¬†Verbana: This South American herb provides a floral, citrusy note to our brews. Beyond its pleasing flavor, lemon verbena has a long medicinal history treating a wide array of symptoms and conditions. From inflammation to anxiety, skin conditions to digestive issues, lemon verbena may be able to improve one’s overall well-being.

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