Acerola Hibiscus Kefir Water - Kombucha BC 221
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Acerola Hibiscus Kefir Water

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Case of 12 16oz bottles

If our drinks had a personality, Maqui Acerola would be the life of the party. It is bold, sweet, and vibrant with a familiar berry flavor and the complex depth from other powerful superfoods. It’s no wonder so many people are drawn to it.


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Acerola: Acerola cherries are not true cherries, but have been found to be one of the highest natural sources of Vitamin C. Traditionally from Central America and the Caribbean, their popularity grew during World War II as they were planted in victory gardens and school yards throughout Puerto Rico for their nutritional value. A tart and fragrant berry, acerola may be helpful in supporting the immune system, and improving athletic endurance.

Maqui: This powerful plant with purple-black berries originates in South America. Considered a “new kid” in the world of superfoods, maqui has actually been used for centuries by the Mapuche people of Chile. Research suggests it may contain anti- aging properties due to its high concentration of antioxidants. It may also support the maintenance of a heathy gut flora.

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