Balance From Within with Kombucha - Kombucha BC 221
Fermentation Nation is taking over and kombucha is replacing unhealthy beverages on the shelf. It’s easy to find a variety of healthy Kombucha 221 B.C. flavors that take advantage of the traditional kombucha fermentation process.
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At 221B.C., we believe Mother Nature is the best chemist.

That’s why we respect time-honored fermentation methods and only use real, pure, organic ingredients in every kombucha we brew.

Balance from within-pure and clean.

Your Friend and personal Kombucha crafter,

Our Origin

Hi, I am Aneta and I am a FERMENTARIAN™. Fluent in the language of good bacteria, I feel a natural connection to and understanding of the complex world of microbes


What Is Kombucha

Kombucha is an ancient recipe that has survived the test of time, earning names like “the elixir of life” and “the tea of immortality”. It’s been traced back to the Qin Dynasty this vibrant brew, which is why our name is a nod to kombucha’s origin.

Kombucha starts with natural sugar, tea, and a Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY). That hard-working SCOBY consumes the sugar and converts the tea into an effervescent ferment. We then add cold-pressed organic juices to give you a traditional beverage, balanced with modern flavors.

It is believed that fermented foods contain probiotics that aid in digestion, organic acids for detoxification, B-vitamins for a boost of energy, antioxidants to neutralize free radicals, electrolytes to help regulate nerve and muscle function, and live enzymes to improve nutritional absorption. At 221B.C. we take things a step further by incorporating cold press juices of the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet and functional herbs with potential medicinal powers, to maximize the benefit for your body.*

Isn’t it a wonderful thing that you can enjoy what you drink and feel better from it too!

* This statement was not approved by FDA.

Balance From Within

Live Enzymes

Assists the body in digesting what is undigested enhances nutritional absorption


Helps to regulate nerve and muscle function

Organic Superfoods

known as the most nutritionally dense foods on this planet


Neutralizes free radicals


Supports digestive health and strengthens immunity

Functional Herbs

Used widely in Ayurvedic medicine every one with different role used to maintain health

Organic Acids

Aids in a body detoxification

B Vitamins

Helps converting food to fuel, keeping us energized through the day

221 B.C. Difference

Fermentation Nation is taking over and replacing unhealthy beverages on the shelf. It’s easy to find a variety of kombuchas with a wide range of flavor profiles. Here’s the Kombucha 221BC difference:

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